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Letter to Our Current and Prospective Members

I'm sure that many of you have wondered where we are with PGOI and I want to assure you that we are still here and that we are very much thinking of your financial future.

As everyone knows, PGOI works with outside Network Marketing companies to earn our members money.  However, as some of you already know, two of the companies we have chosen to work with have undergone changes that are no longer fitting with our model.

When we research Network Marketing companies to work with, we only have information that is available at that time. Therefore, we are unaware of any future plans a company may have and usually, we have had to roll with the punches... but no more!

We here, at PGOI, have always dedicated ourselves to our membership and today is no different.  Instead of putting our members through the changes of outside Network Marketing companies, we are developing our own process, not a Network Marketing company, not a matrix, but a process that will create the wealth our members joined us for, in the first place.

As a Private Membership Association, we have certain freedoms that Network Marketing companies do not have and we plan to take full advantage of them. However, the one thing that must change is the quality of our membership. Where as before, most people would just bring anyone in, to join us, knowing full-well that those new members would not do anything to promote the growth of PGOI.

As always, the success of PGOI depends fully on our members. Therefore, our new plans will only include those members who are willing to commit to the process and believe me, those who do, WILL become financially free. I know that this is a bold statement but if you do what we ask, you will reap the benefits.

At this time, we are not free to divulge the new plans yet, but we are getting close. As for now, all you need to do is to find 5 people who truly want something out of life and who are willing to do what it takes to get it. No more signing people up who are not going to commit to inviting at least 5 new members. And if you do this much, you will be well on your way!

We have developed a process that has never been seen before, and being in the Network Marketing arena for over 30 years, we have seen it all and nothing even comes close to what we are developing for our members. I'm sorry that I can't tell you more than that, for now, but I guarantee that you will be very pleased with what we are working on.

So, for now, just start working on your 5 people who will be committed to the success of PGOI.  There will be no selling involved and all anyone has to do to be successful is to invite 5 members who are also committed to inviting 5 new members. These members can be the same ones you have invited before, ONLY if they are committed to do the same. We must insist on this for the over all success of PGOI.

We are committed to our members and creating the financial security that you all deserve. To accomplish this, we must also have members who are just as committed as we are. We also realize that we may lose some members and while we would be sad to see you go, those who decide to stay will be rewarded, handsomely!

PGOI is and has always been about providing our members with financial wealth and about giving to others. Our goals remain the same but now, we own the means to see them through and we will no longer depend on other companies to get us there... Are you with us?

As soon as we can divulge more information, we will let you know and our website will be updated, accordingly. In the mean time, don't stop dreaming because what we have planned for our members will help your dreams to come true.


Victoria Leal
Chief Operating Officer, COO
Power Group One International

Private Membership Association

Power Group One International (PGOI) is a Private Member Association and membership is by invitation only.  You must be a member to benefit from the PGOI Services.


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